We here at
Hybrid Technology

We here at Hybrid Technology manufacture and sell the only "bolt together Container" Frames that are used to create a Galvanized Steel structure that"raises the bar"
in Safe Home Design. Storm tested.

About us

Our Kits can be used for Homes, Garages,even incorporated into travel homes.
The first designs were used for temporary Disaster housing for victims after the storms Katrina, in New Orleans and Sandy in New Jersey.
We are supplying over 150 units in PUERTO RICO after Maria.
Our Patented recycled 200 sqft size is a start and can be expanded to 2M sqft if needed. We are the w.i.d.e.s.t tiny home.
No expensive foundations needed. Like our Favorite proto type "SIR" SHIPPING CONTAINER.This unit weighs only 1100 lbs. (compared to 6000lbs)It can be stacked 3 Units high.

Quality of services

It takes only 2 hours for two workers to assembly. Add walls and you now have a Safe shelter or get-away for you and your Family.
Finally, the costs range from (A)$1800 (frame only) - (B)$6000 (frame + door+Windows+rubber roof +walls)
(C)$25,000 (A)+(B) + mounted on a trailer .